IASME Governance standard now called IASME Cyber Assured.

17 Jun 22

The IASME Cyber Assurance standard is still the only cyber security certification scheme designed to be affordable and achievable for small organisations.


IASME Cyber Assurance is a comprehensive, flexible, and affordable cyber security standard that assures that an organisation has implemented a range of crucial cyber security, privacy, and data protection measures. It aligns directly with the UK Government’s 10 steps to Cyber Security with additional Data Privacy controls. It offers smaller companies within a supply chain a ”right sized” approach to show their level of information security for a realistic cost.


IASME wanted to update the standard to ensure it remains relevant to recent technological changes. These changes include many businesses moving from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. Business practises have also been considerably changing, such as working from home and the increased use of mobile and personally owned devices. The new name reflects a move towards clarifying what the certification means to an organisation and those in a supply chain.

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