IASME Cyber Assurance

ISAME Cyber Assurance enables small and medium-sized firms in a supply chain to demonstrate their level of cyber security at a reasonable cost and to establish that they are taking appropriate actions to secure their customers’ information.


The Level 2 verified IASME Cyber Assurance certification is currently accepted as an alternative to other international standards by a wide range of UK and worldwide industry sectors. The UK Ministry of Justice and the Government of Jersey are two examples. As IASME Cyber Assurance provides SMEs with a credible mechanism to certify compliance, this is a big step toward lowering barriers to entry for smaller organisations in a supply chain.


GDPR regulations are included in the IASME Cyber Assurance certification, which is accessible in two levels: Level 1 Verified Assessment and Level 2 Audited. You must hold a valid Cyber Essentials certificate throughout your IASME Cyber Assurance certification to apply for IASME Cyber Assurance.


IASME Assurance Level 1

IASME Cyber Assurance is risk-based and includes key aspects of security such as incident response, asset management, people management, physical controls, and GDPR compliance.


Level 1 certification is the first step along the certification pathway for IASME Cyber Assurance.


For the Level 1 certification, organizations are given access to a secure portal to complete their application and provide details against the Question Set.


The pricing structure for Level 1 certification is based on the size of the organization applying for certification.


Implementing an Information Assurance process (policies, procedures, and monitoring) for Cyber Assurance can become unnecessarily complex and time-consuming, especially if you are not an IT company or do not have a cyber-security background.


We have several qualified Information Assurance assessors who can guide you through the implementation process that is relevant to your organization and what steps you need to take to achieve certification.

IASME Assurance Level 2

IASME Cyber Assurance Level 2 involves an audit of your processes, procedures, and controls required by the standard. The audit is independent and conducted by a Forti5 accredited staff.


You will need to have completed the IASME Cyber Assurance Level 1 certification before you can progress to the Level 2 audit.


To get a quote for your Level 2 certification, please use the contact us form below.


The standard covers 13 themes across 5 areas of control.

Why undertake cyber assurance and cyber essentials certifications?
  1. Enhanced reputation through independent verification demonstrating that you are following industry best practice to your customers, partners, investors and regulators.
  2. Opens up access to public sector contracts.​
  3. Free cyber liability insurance.


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