Internet of Things

The IoT Cyber Assurance scheme offers certification for internet-connected devices based on crucial security controls, showcasing a dedication to implementing top-quality security measures. The system aligns with the ETSI EN 303 645 standard and UK legislation while being mapped to the IoTSF Security Compliance Framework. Certified devices are protected against typical IoT cyber security weaknesses like weak passwords, outdated software, and insecure communications. Level 2 certification offers an extra level of assurance beyond the verified assessment provided at Level 1, including 3rd party testing and independent certification.

IoT Cyber Assurance (Level1)

The IASME IoT Cyber scheme certifies internet-connected devices against the most critical security controls and displays a commitment to security best practices.


The system was created primarily for smaller organizations, micro-businesses, start-ups, and more established firms.


Level 1 includes a confirmed assessment that an independent expert has examined. Manufacturers must answer a series of simple questions regarding the security protections on a connected device and any associated services as part of the IoT Cyber Assurance certification process. A board member or equivalent must sign a statement to certify that all the answers are correct. One of our IoT-trained Assessors then reviews the answers to this assessment.


If the maker is successful, a certificate and a badge are issued for product marketing and packaging to indicate the device’s security to buyers.

IoT Cyber Assurance (Level2)

The IASME IoT Cyber Certification system validates internet-connected devices against the most critical security controls and is committed to best-practice security.


The scheme complies with all 13 provisions of the global IoT cyber security standard, ETSI EN 303 645, and UK IoT security legislation and guidelines. It is also associated with the IoTSF Security Compliance Framework.


Level 2 comprises a hands-on audit of the equipment and provides an additional level of assurance beyond the verified-assessment level of Level 1.


The certification will include the IoT device and any accompanying hub, app, and cloud service on which the device depends. The certificate protects against common IoT cyber security issues such as weak passwords, legacy software, and insecure communications.


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