Cyber Security & GDPR Services

Securing your organisation with world experts

FORTI5 Technologies

Cost effective, enterprise solutions for small and medium sized organisations 

We certify organisations to IASME Gold and Cyber Essentials. 

To ensure your system meets the necessary assurance and compliance needs, we provide you with a range of services including:

  • Compliance Audits

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Cyber Essentials Certification

  • Training and Awareness

  • Penetration Testing

Stay GDPR compliant while striking a balance between your operational demands and legal obligations.

Increasing volumes of personal data and the need to keep abreast of continual regulation updates is placing a growing, manual demand on company resources.

Forti5 services allow you to keep your data under control and compliant in a cost-effective and timely way while you get on with your business.

We'll provide you with the appropriate level of GDPR services, as and when you need them.

GDPR is Moving Beyond a Tickbox Exercise 

Today your organisation needs to focus on accountability and provide evidence that you understand and mitigate the risks that can arise from the way you processes data

GDPR responsibility comes with an array of challenges that will be manually time-consuming, complex and constantly changing. Appropriate technical and organisational measures need to be in place and regularly reviewed.