Cyber Essential

Cyber Essentials certification is for suppliers to the UK government who handle any sensitive and personal information. Companies bidding for government contracts require this certification.

The Cyber Essentials Scheme enables organisations to demonstrate to their customers, partners and regulators that they have implemented the appropriate cyber controls to protect against commodity attacks, where they are performed by unskilled, internet-based attackers using freely available tools from the internet.

Complement Cyber Security Insurance

A one-year complimentary cyber insurance of £25K is available for organisations: 

  • With a turnover of less than £20 million

  • Who have been certified to Cyber Essentials by Forti5

  • Provided assessment has covered the whole organisation

This will cover breaches committed by hackers, employees, ex-employees and contractors. 


It includes costs to engage:

Legal, IT Forensics, Data Restoration, Reputational Protection, Notification costs and credit and ID Monitoring services, following an actual or suspected breach of personal or corporate information, an IT security or system failure.

Cyber Essential: 

Self Certification

Responses to the self assessment questions are managed through our secure on-line portal, enabling you to complete the assessment with ease at a pace that suits.

There are 64 questions in the self-assessment scheme. The questions are answered on a secure portal and marked by Forti5 Technologies.

On successful completion of the assessment, you can display the Cyber Essentials badge on your website along with supporting, publicity material.

Furthermore, you will be entitled to one year's complimentary cyber security insurance.

This is a cost effective route to certification for businesses that have  strong IT department or compliance with other security schemes (such as ISO27001).

Cyber Essential: 

Assisted Certification

For many SMEs the process of 

self-certification can be daunting. 

Forti5 Technologies offer you the technical expertise to assist you in qualifying for Cyber Essentials.

We'll spend half a day with you to identify the key areas you need to address and  how to address these. 

We'll also assist you in answering the questions on the certification portal.    

On successful completion of the assessment, your business can display the Cyber Essentials badge on your website and marketing material.  


Furthermore, you willl be entitled to one year 'scover on our complimentary 

cyber security insurance.


We also offer additional services to help with the design of the process and controls for compliance with 

Cyber Essentials.

Additional Services for Cyber Essential

Monthly or Annual Support   

including a monthly call 

to check you are keeping up to date.

Firewall Installation set up 

(close ports, rules, etc. plus 2 factors) 

plus monthly monitoring.

Cyber Essentials Awareness Training. 

1/2 day on-premises training.

Two Day Cyber Security Course 

Tailored for all staff.

Cyber Essentials Plus has the same as requirements of Cyber Essentials with the critical difference that it requires an independent assessment of your security controls, to verify that you have the technical security controls in place.

Cyber Essential Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus is an audited scheme.

In addition to providing satisfactory answers to the questions in the Cyber Essentials Scheme, 

your organisation will be evaluated against a test specification set out by the National Cyber Security Centre.

For this, the external network is tested (Penetration Testing, Ports, Services), including looking at basic web application scanning for common vulnerabilities (Penetration testing / Vulnerability Scanning). 

The internal systems are also tested (mainly e-mail).

If all are correct, Forti5 technologies make a recommendation to IASME 

to issue the Cyber Essentials Plus certificate and insurance.