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GDPR is moving beyond baseline compliance

Today your organisation needs to focus on accountability and provide evidence that you understand and mitigate the risks that can arise from the way you process data.

GDPR responsibility comes with an array of challenges that will be manually time-consuming, complex and constantly changing. Appropriate technical and organisational measures need to be in place and regularly reviewed.

GDPR is not to be approached as a delegated, box-ticking exercise. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) refers to a "culture of accountability" whereby responsibility for complying with the GDPR must be taken at the highest management level and throughout an organisation.

As GDPR and Cyber Security specialists Forti5 are well placed in providing, efficient, time-saving, enterprise levels of service that can be shaped to work for you, your organisation and your budget. 

Service 01
Service 02
Compliance Gap Analysis
Service 03
Cyber Security
Service 04
Data Process Analysis
Service 05
Impact Assessment
Service 06
Protection Officer
Service 07
Data Subject Access Requests
Service 08
Data Subject Rights
Service 09
Employees Data
Service 10
Handling a Breach
Service 11
Health Checks
Service 12
Privacy Notices
Service 13
Staff Awareness Training
Service 14
Subject Access Requests
Service 15
Territorial Scope