Compliance Audit

The client completes a self-assessment questionnaire. 


Forti5 Technologies uses this questionnaire as a basis for an audit. After the audit, a report is then sent to the client and IASME. 


If the client is compliant they are issued an IASME Gold certificate along with badges that can be displayed on their website and all publicity material. 

The client may also qualify for the cyber insurance.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is at the heart of all information assurance standards. 


However, no two organisations have the same risk appetite, hence every risk assessment is unique to the organisation.

We will work you to help develop and review your risk assessment. 


The risk assessment will enable you to make appropriate decisions on where to spend limited resources on solutions you can realistically implement to protected you against the identifies risk and your risk appetite.

Training and Awareness

All organisations must ensure and be able to demonstrate that they are taking the necessary measures to comply with the law. One of the ways to do so is to implement staff training. 

Forti5 provides GDPR staff training and awareness sessions that are aimed at either all staff members, 

management or directors and can be arranged at times to suit business operations.

These sessions provide an effective method of delivering

mandatory training on the critical requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations. 


Friendly, structured and informative sessions with Q&A sections designed to familiarise all your employees and management with the critical practices of GDPR compliance.  


To discuss and arrange a training session please go to the contact details below. 

Additional Services

  • Monthly support and annual renewal: including regular check-ins to keep you up to date.

  • Firewall install set up (close ports, rules, etc. plus 2 factors) plus monthly monitoring.

  • Penetration testing of networks.

  • Vulnerability testing websites/apps.

  • Security awareness training 

  • GDPR awareness training  

  • Security Training for managers and technical staff.

  • Help writing policies and procedures Requires a visit to understand the organisation’s dataflow.

  • Help to complete Risks Register: Requires a visit to understand the organisation’s process and vulnerabilities.

  • Help to complete the DPIA: Requires a visit to understand the organisation’s process and vulnerabilities.